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It's All

I Can Do

Darrell John is an American singer-songwriter based in historic Galveston Texas.  His memorable lyrics and distinctive voice will captivate you as he artfully tells stories that touch the heart through hummable melodies and tasteful guitar arrangements. His songs are captured in the same genre as Jackson Browne and The Eagles.



Music has always been a part of life for Darrell John ever since he was impressed by a guitar strumming friend of the family.  Soon after he was pleading for his very own guitar, on his 5th birthday - there it was - in a Montgomery Wards cardboard box.


But Darrell couldn’t even wrap his child-size arms around it, much less play it! His supportive Mom & Dad found him a guitar teacher in the small, nearby midwestern town. Before long, encouraged by his first music teacher, Darrell was playing his very own three-quarter size Harmony six string guitar.


By the age of 6, Darrell was playing guitar and singing solo at church and community events. In high school, Darrell began writing his own songs. Inspired by his passion for music, Darrell took a Greyhound bus alone, at age 17, to Memphis where he made an original 45 record.


Darrell landed in Houston to pursue a career in music shortly after studying at Baylor University. Gigs performing solo in small local music venues came quickly and he shared his love for music through them.


A solo LP of Darrell John songs was released in 1978.  First solo, then duo and trio, Darrell eventually became the lead singer for the popular 80’s era Houston Band, Rancho Bebop.


Bands will be bands and break up, so, back into a solo act walked Darrell John. Life will be life and turn into love -- and love turned into a family.


Fast Forward

Nearly 25 happy years flew by with little emphasis on performing music in public, and more emphasis on his business of local video production. However, lyrics still swirled inside his head, songs still simmered along the way, and the calloused guitar fingers never completely disappeared. During this season, Darrell bumped into friends and fans who always asked, “So, where are you playing?”, and especially, “Why aren’t you out there making music?”


2017 brought time to get an important part of Darrell’s life back into gear! Penning original lyrics and music became a renewed priority. Simple demo recordings of Darrell John’s music were recorded that spring and, award winning Nashville producer, Joe Beck, was introduced to Darrell’s songs, reached out, and said, “I don’t know what you’ve been doing for 20 years, but you need to get over here and make a record!”


In 2018, eleven of Darrell’s songs were selected and produced over the summer and fall creating an original music collection entitled, Darrell John, “It’s All I Can Do”

In 2020, Darrell was awarded 2nd prize in the SUSCs (Songwriting University Songwriting Contest) rock category in Nashville for the song"Behind The Wheel".


Darrell John’s lifelong musical story shall be continued…

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