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Behind the Wheel

Just can't sleep on these long road trips
You keep hitting all the rumble strips
You got no fear of red lights
I feel like a deer in headlights

Crazy driver
Breaking all the lovin'
Breaking all the lovin’ rules

Why did I give you the car keys?
Just so I could beg you please, please
Just get me to a cul-de-sac
Before I have a heart attack

You crazy driver
Steering down the road
Down the road of fools

Road humps, speed bumps, empty gas pumps
Sexting, texting, while you drive
In the wrong direction down a one way section
If you want me to survive

Don't let love behind the wheel

First you're rollin’ 20 in a 50
Then you're blowin' 90 in a 60
Red lights flashing in the rear view mirrors
Trouble's closer than it appears

You crazy driver
Where you learn you're lovin?
Where'd you go to loving school?

Now we're here In the middle of nowhere
"Last Chance Gas" and you don't stop there
So what's the plan when we're running on fumes
Engine’s running hot and there’s nothing but sand dunes

Crazy driver
I'm sayin’ this ain't cool
We're running out of fuel

Lost on the interstate, let me you help navigate
I'm not just here, along for the ride
You're weaving, but I'm not leaving, I’m just sayin’
Things ain't great on the passenger side

Don't let love behind the wheel

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