2020 Recap - and What's in Store for 2021
An update by Darrell John for all what happened in 2020 and beyond.

I hope you are all doing well during this time. Despite a global pandemic, I am pleased to announce a few exciting things did happen last year involving my music career.

For starters, I cut my long grey hair in June after salons were allowed to open!

In the light of 2020, my song, "We Need More Angels", was posted with video images of pandemic heroes.  The video got over 20,000 views on Facebook and was highly shared during that time. Separate from that event,"We Need More Angels" has been licensed to be featured in the film "Let Me Have My Son" formerly entitled "The Puzzle Factory".  (Messenger Films, Cristóbal Krusen). The release date is unknown at this time.

Next, "Behind The Wheel" won 2nd prize, rock category, in the SUSC (Songwriting University Songwriting Contest), in Nashville with the judges consisting of very notable and distinguished writers.
In November/December 2020, I had great Spotify monthly listener results. I grew from double digits to almost 1,500 listeners! My song, "Happy New Year & Auld Lang Syne" was on a holiday playlist, to my surprise! 
The New Year started with a bang! On Feb 1, 2021, I was awarded top 10 in the SUSC Christmas Songwriting contest, by other famous writers, for my song "It's a Santa Claus Thing" (new, unreleased).
As of April 2021, I have no planned performances, but a future trip to Nashville is in the works to do some final arranging, vocals and mixes for the next EP or LP project. After working long distance for the past year, I cannot wait for you to listen to our newest work.
 Darrell John’s lifelong musical story shall be continued…

The album, Darrell John, “It’s All I Can Do” has been released and available by CD or download.


An album release and showcase is scheduled for Wednesday, April 18, 5:30-7pm at Yagas on the Strand in Galveston. 


Darrell John is now scheduling private home concerts and public venue, one hour performances. These appearances feature intimate acoustic versions off of his album “It’s all I Can Do”, as well as many of his favorite cover songs by well known artists.


Darrell John, solo or with his band, is a great opening act for concerts and festivals.

Schedule and plan a private home concert by Darrell John.

We will soon be sharing the in’s and out’s of how to put on professional home concert. It’s the new best way of enjoying great talent for you, your friends and business associates. It will  revitalize your ideas of how to entertain and be intertained.  Stay tuned…